Hi, my name is Glen Brailey, founder and owner of Spinoza’s. My pizza journey began many years ago when I started working for Domino’s Pizza in my early college days. A few years later, another ex-Domino’s employee and I started our own little pizza shop on Salem Avenue called “Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory”. We learned a lot about business, pizza, and guns (it was sort of a rough neighborhood) in those early years and had the privilege of serving awesome gourmet and traditional pies to adventurous pizza connoisseurs. (Bill Daniels still makes delicious pizza at his current Pizza Factory location on Wayne Avenue in Dayton…give him a try sometime too!)

In 1995 I opened another pizza venture called Pacchia Wood Fired Pizza in Dayton’s Historic Oregon District. This little restaurant, with its copper-clad oven and big-city ambiance, quickly prospered and lasted until I sold it in 2008.

Not really knowing what was next in my pizza odyssey — perhaps even thinking my days of spinning dough were over — I discovered an empty pizzeria space in the Mall at Fairfield Commons in Beavercreek (my home town). The space was great, the rent was right, and I was yearning to toss dough again. So, voilà, Spinoza’s Gourmet Pizza & Salads was born!

Thank you for joining me on my pizza journey. I think you will discover the difference that passion and experience can make when it comes to pizza.