Spinoza’s serves gourmet, hearth-baked pizza and fresh, artisan salads along with craft beer and value-priced wine. Spinoza’s features live acoustic music on weekends with sound powered by Bose Professional Audio.

Gourmet Pizza

Our pizza’s are hand-crafted and baked in clean burning natural gas hearth ovens.

Craft Beer

Spinoza’s features a constantly rotating selection of local, regional and world craft beers.

Live Music

From blues to jazz to world-fusion and more, the Spinoza’s Stage plays host every weekend to great live music!


Glad You Asked!

Here are just a few things we do different from the “fast-food” pizza places…

The Dough

While making dough fresh every day is an important aspect of artisan pizza, properly aging the dough is critical. We age our dough at low temperature for at least eighteen hours for a long, slow rise in order to allow time for the yeast to interact with the sugars and develop a rich, complex flavor. Plus we use only the finest non-bleached, non-bromated spring harvest wheat flour in both our Original and wheat crust.

The Sauce

We expertly fold our proprietary blend of seasoning into each batch of our pizza sauce and allow it to steep for a minimum of twenty four hours. Plus, our sauce is blended from several varieties of tomatoes, all grown and fresh packed from a single source in California. This gives our sauce a consistent taste and hearty texture.

The Cheese

A lot of pizza places cut costs by using lower-quality cheese blended with fillers and binders (ever wonder how you can get all that pizza for $5 at the pizza chains?). We proudly use only Grande Cheese Company mozzarella and provolone…the finest (and most expensive) pizza cheese available.

The Meat

Our pepperoni is all-natural and made in Columbus, Ohio by the Ezzo Sausage Company. Other companies add filler and artificial flavors based on computer programs that monitor the price of pork and make adjustments to the “recipe”. Not Ezzo…their Old-World recipe and commitment to quality remain consistent. Our free-range chicken is locally raised and delivered fresh each week by Mennonite farmers. This hand-trimmed chicken breast is three to fours times the cost of “factory” chicken, but the locavore and bioregional principles are well worth the expense.